About Us
The Company started operations in 2003 with a milk plant at Mohali near Chandigarh. CMSL has now grown into a leading milk industry with a handling capacity of 500,000 litres/day. CMSL is a premier dairy in private sector in North India and is marketing complete range of dairy products (Acid Casein, Demineralized whey powders, Skimmed milk powder, Whole milk powder Ghee) under the brand name of crown. The speciality of advanced technology, services and product offered and developed by CMSL simple stands incomparable. This has enabled the company to grow with a wide scope and establish a distinct mark in the Domestic and International market.
- Rural Development by uplifiting the Farmer's Efforts and integrate the same with Crown's world class products.
- Produce the world class dairy products of international standars.
- Reach out to consumers in India and distant shores.
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