Whole Milk Powder    
Full cream milk powder is obtained in the process of two-step dehydration of liquid milk. The first stem is condensing the material and then drying in spray drying tower. It consists of mechanical spraying of condensed milk in a special tower where in contact with hot air dehydration of falling drops of milk takes place. Ready made powder is subject to cooling.

This milk is used in food industry for production of milk chocolate, ice-cream, souses, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese and bakery industry.

Full cream milk powder is used also for producing reconstituted milk (adding such a quantity of water to obtain initial composition of the product).

Milk powder stored in a proper way and for not too long is not behind sterilized milk with regard to nutritive value.
Sr. Particular
Value / Specification
1 Name of Product
Whole Milk Powder
2 Important Product Charecteristics
2.1 Physical
Light Creamy / Creamy
Pleasant & Clean
2.2 Chemical
  Moisture % by mass
Max. 4.0
  Protein %
Min 26.0
  Insolubility Index  (ml)
Max 1.25
  Milk Fat  (% by mass)
Min. 26.0
  Scorched Particles 
Disc B
  WPNI (Medium Heat)
1.5 - 5.99
  Titrable Acidity 
Max 0.15
2.3 Microbiology
  Standard Plate Count (Per gm)
< 50000
  Coliforms (Per gm)
  E.Coli (Per gm)
  Staphylococcus aureus (Per gm, Coag. +ve)
  Salmonella (Per 25 gm)
  Listeria (Per 25 gm)
  Shigella (Per 25 gm)
3 Shelf  life
One year from the date of manufacturing.
4 Ingredients & Packaging Material
Whole Milk
Primary packing LDPE liner 
Secondary packing multi layer Kraft paper bags with inner lining of HDPE woven sack
5 Labeling Instruction
As per requirements of national / international regulatory authorities / customers
6 Storage
At ambient temperature
7 Transportation
At ambient temperature
8 Where it will be sold
To food processing industries.
9 Intended Use
As an ingredient in Food Processing Industries
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